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Creative Custom Picture Framing & Design

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Mac’s Frame Shop has been a family-owned and operated Fort Collins picture framing business since 1976. We specialize in custom picture framing with a focus on creative design, friendly service, and proper conservation. The purpose of custom framing is to safely display and complement your artwork and to enhance the overall decor of your home. We offer unique and creative picture framing designs to showcase and preserve your memories, collectibles, heirlooms and art. When you frame with us, you know that your project is going to be beautifully designed and impeccably crafted. We understand how important and valuable your treasures are, and we handle your items with care and respect. Call us or stop by our gallery for more information on our full line of services. What can we frame for you?

Frame Design

Our friendly designers will guide you through the frame design process, helping you choose the materials that best enhance your artwork and your decor. We work with you to create a finished product that suits your needs and fits your style. During our free consultation, we’ll discuss framing, matting, and how to best preserve your artwork.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each project is custom-made just for you right here at Mac’s – all work is done on-location. We follow proper preservation practices to ensure that your project can be displayed & enjoyed for a lifetime. Our hard-working staff are true craftsmen with years of hands-on framing & design experience, so your treasures are safe with us.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason a client is not completely happy with the design of their project, they can return it within 14 days and we’ll redesign it without additional charges and without hassle. New design must be of equal or lesser value, client pays only the difference if the new design is more expensive. Craftsmanship and materials are covered for the life of the project.

  •  Huge Frame Selection

Mac’s has a huge selection of custom frame mouldings. With hundreds of frame corner samples and mat choices, we can create the perfect framing design that’s just right for your artwork and your decor. We have a complete style range from contemporary to traditional. Choose from fabric mats like linens, suedes, and raw silks, and hundreds of fillets to add the finishing touch to your masterpiece.

  •  Conservation Framing

Conservation Framing preserves the life and value of artwork and valued possessions. We specialize in creating a framing presentation that protects your artwork from dust, insects, indoor pollution and the effects of time. Although aesthetic considerations are vital to any piece of art, conservation is of utmost importance when dealing with a work of any monetary, historical, or personal value. Mac’s uses only the best quality frames and conservation materials to protect your framed project, from acid-free & 100% cotton rag mats, to UV-filtering & museum glass. To us, family heirlooms are priceless and are treated that way. We make sure everything we do is reversible and can be put back to its original state.

  •  Environmentally Conscious

At Mac’s Frame Shop we are proud to offer Earth Friendly or Green products from Framerica. We stock a variety of profiles and colors to select from and as the demand for these products continues, we will make them available to you. We run our shop and business to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Many of our mouldings and mats are PEFC and FSC certified. Locally we recycle all that we can from our shop and office. Recycle, reuse, recycle!

  •  Rush Service

In a hurry? We offer rush service and fast turnaround for almost all kinds of framing projects. Additional fees may apply. Give us a call to see how Mac’s Frame Shop can help.

What Can We Frame?

  • Music Memorabilia
  • 3D Shadow Boxes
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Family Portraits
  • Archival Matting
  • Stacked Mouldings
  • Photo Collages
  • Custom Beveled Mirrors
  • Heirlooms
  • Medals & Awards
  • Diplomas & Documents
  • Fillet Enhancement
  • Watercolors & Oil Painting
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Needlework & Embroidery
  • Fabrics & Apparel
  • Fabric Wrapped Mats
  • Wedding Photographs
  • Pencil & Ink Drawings
  • Children’s Art
  • Sports Equipment
  • Dry-Mounting
  • Mat & Glass Replacement
  • Multiple Opening Mats


Mats serve a very necessary function. Glazing (glass and acrylic) should never be in direct contact with the surface of the art. The airspace provided is preventative. During changes in temperature or humidity, moisture can condense on the glazing, causing mold or mildew to form. On the aesthetic side, most art calls for an inner “frame” to give the art breathing space and to enhance the overall appearance.


Mac’s Frame Shop offers a wide variety of mat boards to chose from, including linens, suedes, metallics, rice paper, silk and more. There are hundreds of colors! We can also custom fabric wrap a mat for the perfect look. For mat cutting, our state-of-the-art computerized mat cutter provides precision and speed that is not possible by hand.

  • 100% Rag (Museum Quality) mats are made from pure cotton and are lignin-free. Rag mats are the highest quality mats available.
  • Alpha-Cellulose mats are pure cellulose and lignin-free. They are also considered conservation quality and equivalent to Rag board.
  • Buffered Acid-Free mat boards have had most of the lignin or acid removed during manufacturing and a buffering agent added. Over time however the buffering agent will lose its efficiency. These mats should not be used when conservation quality is required.
  • Paper mat boards contain lignin (wood pulp) and will eventually cause acid “burn” on the artwork making it discolored and brittle. Humidity will create this reaction and the acid then migrates into the artwork, leaving a brown mark along the edge of the mat.

Liners & Fillets

Liners: A linen-covered moulding softens the transition between the moulding and the art. It lends a more traditional tone, being used most often with oil paintings; but, can be used for a great effect in the framing of many media.

Fillets: A fillet (fill-it) is a sort of mini-moulding which sits snug against the matting to give an extra visual effect, or as an additional lip on a moulding. Used often with oils, acrylics and needlework.

Glazing (Glass)

Mac’s provides a number of glass (glazing) options for your artwork. The choice of glazing depends on the degree of conservation desired; if it’s worth framing, then it’s worth protecting. Our conservation glass products filter up to 99% of UV rays while maintaining clarity. Stop by our gallery to view examples of our glazing options.

  • Regular Clear Glass is used in basic, everyday framing. It will protect your art from dust and other elements, but has no UV protection.
  • Conservation Clear Glass contains UV protection that blocks 99% of damaging ultra-violet light, but does not minimize glare.
  • Reflection Control Glass is ideal for minimizing glare and reflection when UV protection is not a concern.
  • Conservation Reflection Control enhances the beauty of your artwork with a matt-like finish that blocks 99% of the UV rays and protects your artwork from fading and deterioration.
  • Museum Glass is the best glazing option available, is virtually invisible and blocks 99% of UV light and allows less than 1% reflection. Museum glass is considered the standard in museums and fine art galleries.
  • Clear Acrylite is an acrylic sheet and a general all purpose glazing suitable for indoor framing when UV protection is not a concern.
  • Reflection Control Acrylite is designed to minimize reflection from almost any angle and is suitable when UV protection is not necessary.
  • Conservation Clear Acrylite with OP-3 UV filtering blocks 98% of UV light and allows 8% light reflection.
  • Conservation Reflection Acrylite with OP-3 UV filtering blocks 98% of UV light and minimizes the distortion of glare.


The moulding (or frame) not only protects your art but enhances the character of your art. Mac’s Frame Shop offers more than 750 samples to choose from. We offer earth-friendly mouldings, hand-crafted mouldings from Italy and other parts of the world, hardwoods, and metals in a variety of colors, styles & finishes. We carry a select variety of mouldings In-Stock and readymade frames for those times when you need Rush service!

We are able to “Stack” mouldings. This can enhance your frame design. Stacking will allow you to create a wider or deeper frame and provides you with a one-of-a-kind look that shows your personal style and taste. You can combine different patterns and colors that makes your frame unique.

Shadow box mouldings are deep frames that have the space to display items such as arrowheads, jerseys, records, fans and so much more! Mac’s Frame Shop also offers “Floater” frames for canvas prints and paintings. They are available in wood and metal moulding. You are sure to find a frame that will meet your needs and personal style. Stop by our design counter to see our impressive selection.


Hinge Mount: Fine prints require archival quality hinges for attachment to the backing. The Hinges do not mar the surface of the art and allows its natural expansion and contraction within the frame.

Dry Mount: This is a process which affixes the art to a rigid mounting board. It is used for posters, newspaper articles and certain artwork. It can even magically take most bends and wrinkles out of long folded up paper. We have a large vacuum press that can handle artwork up to 48″x96″!

Float Mount: The artwork is suspended within the window of a mat and the paper’s raw edges are visible. The frame is set away from the canvas allowing the edges of the canvas to be visible.


To complete the package, your art is fitted with a backing board, sealed with a paper dust cover and fitted with a hanging wire. A hanger is provided for your convenience. Your newly frame artwork is dust-free, secure, and ready to hang!